There have been two rule changes approved in the first quarter of the year, necessitating the reissue of the rulebook. The latest edition that competitors and officials should be utilising is the March 2019 version. 

A brief summary of the changes are as follows: -

1. Concussion/Loss of Consciousness
This is a replication of the SCCA rule already in force for Sprintcar and Wingless Sprint competitors, and now applies across the board for all forms of speedway racing.

2.2.13 (b) In the event of a driver being concussed/unconscious it is mandatory for that driver to obtain a written medical clearance before racing again.

The effect of this rule is that a competitor is placed on immediate stand-down and cannot race again at the meeting and thereafter until cleared, even if they only lost consciousness for a brief period of time.

2. Formula 500 Protest Rules
This class has its own separate protest rules, which have been clarified from a process perspective just in time for the Australian title at Goulburn in NSW next month. They are to be found in Appendix 5 of the rulebook, page 127.

Click here to view the new rulebook.



Posted: 10/04/2019