Since 2007, Speedway Australia has given the nation’s best young drivers the opportunity to participate in their Junior Driver Development Program. The development of junior drivers has long been identified as crucial to the growth of Speedway in Australia and Speedway Australia has taken an active role in ensuring continued participation.

Since its inception, the Junior Development Program has funded a limited number of drivers to attend a sporting development camp at the Australian Institute of Sport.

In 2010, Speedway Australia identified the need to once again improve in the area of junior development. As such, Speedway Australia launched the Speedway Australia Rising Star program. The Rising Star Program takes a big step forward to work closer with the best young speedway talent in the country.

The Speedway Australia Rising Star program gives the opportunity for young drivers to improve themselves in a range of areas including fitness training, psychology and marketing and media training, which will assist them in formulating a pathway to achieve their speedway dream.

To be considered for the Speedway Australia Rising Star program, drivers between 16 and 23 years of age are required to submit a detailed application addressing stringent selection criteria. To be selected, competitors need to display a record of high achievement in Speedway and have a long-term goal in the sport.

20 Drivers are selected for each year’s Speedway Australia Rising Star Program from a range of states across Australia. As Speedway Australia Rising Stars, the young drivers selected participate in an intensive 3 day cap at the AIS in Canberra as well as receiving marketing and press support from Speedway Australia, networking opportunities and much more to assist in developing their profile and racing career.